Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams joined Kevin Miller this morning detailing how the administration is handling the COVID crisis.The surgeon general reminded everyone of the three key action steps that will help our country defeat the coronavirus.

1.  Wash you hands

2. Wear a mask,

3. Social Distance

Dr. Adams told Kevin Miller that he's concerned about Idaho being in the red zone.  "Idaho has a test positivity rate of over 10% and that's why were concerned," he explained to Kevin Miller.  The surgeon general advised listeners to "There's steps that they can take to drive that positivity down and if we do it we can open safely and stay open."

On the possibility of a vaccine for the virus Dr. Adams shared with KIDO Talk Radio the government's timetable.  "Operation Warp Speed is where we have people all over the world working on a vaccine and we have confidence, based on everything that we've seen,  by the end of this year or early next year, end of 2020 or beginning of 2021 we will have a vaccine that is safe and effect."

You can hear the entire interview wherever you get your podcasts by searching for the Kevin Miller Show.

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