Aaron Paul is coming back home to Idaho.  Although Aaron is one of the biggest stars in entertainment, he hasn't forgotten his home state.  For the next few days, folks around the Treasure Valley will be looking for tickets to the premiere of El Camino.Mr. Paul will be hiding tickets around town for the latest from the Breaking Bad Television series.  We'll finally find out what happened to Jesse Pinkman after he escaped from the biker gang during the series finally.  The special screening will be available to those special individuals who found tickets left by Paul or who won them on Townsquare Media Radio Stations.

This was not the first time that Aaron has premiered one of his movies in Boise.  You may recall he held a similar event for his hit movie Triple 9.  The actor/producer has come along way from his first big break which was appearing on the Price is Right.

It is well chronicled how the multi-Emmy Winner began his career as a radio station mascot while only being a teenager.  He saved enough money and like so many moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.  Years later, he returns to the Gem State to preview another blockbuster.  Aaron Paul has never forgotten his Idaho roots.

And Idaho hasn't forgotten, Mr. Paul. So in honor of Mr. Paul's return to Idaho, we'd like to thank you Aaron for entertaining us once again.

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