America is less than ninety days away from elected its next president and everyone has declared the race over!  The media, the pundits, and the social media titans have declared Joseph Biden the big winner.  Are their predictions true or propaganda?  If Biden does win, then the country will have elected the most untested president since Franklin Pierce and Benjamin Harrison.  Who are they?  Former presidents that are barely a foot note in our history.  Biden supporters will say, 'Joe is qualified, he's been a vice president and served in the senate for decades.  How can anyone say he's not been tested?

Well, Joe has spent most of the year in his basement allowing the negative anti-Trump media and the covid economy do his job for him.  Biden hasn't picked a VP yet, and they the predictions continue to favor him.  However, the elites are hoping you'll miss a major piece of the presidential puzzle.

Biden was beaten in the compressed Democratic primary season.  He had one major victory in winning the state of South Carolina.  Whether it was collusion, or incompetence, Biden's opponents all dropped out of the race.  The former vice president wasn't tested with multiple debates and the coast to coast campaigning that follows the early primary states.

Only Socialist Battlin Bernie Sanders stayed in the race.  Let's face it, Bernie, once again ripped off from winning the nomination, was pulling his punches against basement dwelling Biden.

Biden will face in President Trump an opponent that is once in a lifetime.  Unlike the Libs in hte primary, the president will give no quarter.  He will pull no punches.  His supporters will ignore the fake news of his demise.  Can Biden say the same?  Is there any passion for ole Joe?  We'll find out soon.  Buckle Up!

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