The purveyors of the legalized marijuana movement continue their targeting of our drug-free Idaho. Governor Little has vowed that he is not the governor who will legalize the weed. Could his wishes of a weed-free Idaho be overrun by a ballot initiative or legislation from the Idaho House of Representatives?

A recent vote emboldened Gem State Drug-Free Champions by the Idaho State Senate. The Senate voted to move forward a constitutional amendment that would prevent current illegal drugs from becoming legal. However, the Idaho House has sent a bill out of committee that they say is the most restrictive legalizing medical marijuana measure. Last year, a ballot initiative failed to get enough votes to qualify for the ballot.

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The Biden Administration has openly endorsed decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. The weed is currently illegal federal, but thanks to the Obama Administration's precedent not to enforce the law, states have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. Oregon has legalized other drugs like heroin.

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Idaho Advocates for medical marijuana have decided to work once again to acquire enough petitions that would seek medical marijuana on the ballot reports The Marijuana Moment. Once again, our old friend Russ Belville is behind the movement.

"We're really excited about the 2022 campaign because what we proved in 2020 is that the people of Idaho are very much ready for medical marijuana to be passed," campaign spokesperson and longtime reform advocate Russ Belville told Marijuana Moment. "Our polls show support in the mid-70 percent range—and our last effort in 2020 to get signatures, we managed to get about 40,000 signatures before the coronavirus shut down our signature gathering."

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Will Idaho become a weed state? We're monitoring all three movements and will keep you updated as these three movements continue to develop. Join us every morning with Kevin Miller from 5 am-10 am to share your views on legalizing the weed.


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