Fox News Host Tucker Carlson is usually in the spotlight.  His show is the number one show on cable television.  It's hard to believe that Tucker has been on cable television since the last days of CNN's Crossfire.  Now the popular host is in his own crossfire with the New York Times.  Mr. Carlson saved the last segment of the show Monday night to reveal that the New York Times has assigned a reporter and a photographer to photograph his home.  Tucker told his audience of how his old home had been attacked by members of Antifa due to a publication revealing where he lived at the time.

Carlson has been under fire for his coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement along with his reporting on politicians from both sides not doing their jobs.  His show has been the target of advertiser boycotts as well as the usual suspects demanding that Fox fire him.  The audience continues to reward the talk host with record ratings.  You can see Tucker's thoughts on the New York Times below.

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