He is truly the great enigmatic force in Idaho Politics.  Like him or not, he's the one person involved in Idaho politics that the media cannot seem to let go of or ignore.The former congressman made news this week when he accepted the appointment to the Central District Health Board.  He replaces former Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo who lost her bid for reelection.  She then resigned her seat on the board.

Labrador was appointed by the two new Ada Commissioners Ron Beck and Ryan Davidson reports the Idaho Press.  The Idaho Press breaks down a note of contention between the two Republican commissioners and Democrat Kendra Kenyon.

“Normally we have a day or two to discuss all voluntary appointments,” Kenyon said, and abstained from the vote.

Davidson said the situation with Labrador was different because he’s replacing Lachiondo on the health board.

“Myself and Commissioner Beck decided we were not the ones to serve in that term,” Davidson said.

Kenyon said she was concerned by the apparent discussions between Beck and Davidson about placing Labrador onto the CDH board.

“That is worrisome to me, and the board needs to discuss issues like this,” she said. “And since this is our first day of business I would just like trying to have that conversation, and don’t think it’s OK for the two of you to make those decisions outside of a quorum like this. The fact it’s been teed up is worrisome to me.”

The congressman was approved by a vote of 2-0-1.  Democrat Kenyon abstained from the vote.  I can figuratively hear Conservatives in the Central District cheering.  However, Labrador's appointment has caused the usual suspects to criticize.

The article from the statesman is nothing but a hit piece or as we like to call it, the airing of the grievances.  What's troubling is that the opinion article hasn't waited till Central District has had one meeting to attack the former congressman.  Perhaps they should wait unit there's a meeting to have something to rail about?

The article revives a story about the congressman and his wife not wearing a mask in the Boise Mall.  I didn't know that in America not wearing a mask or taking a break was a crime worthy of ridicule?  Personally, having a former congressman volunteering his time to help others is good news.  How many of Labrador's critics would take a break from social media and do the right thing?

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