Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as the Rock, has lived a charmed life.  The hardworking actor, producer, director is now one of, if not the most powerful star in America.  He has now crossed into the world of politics.  This might not be what the actor had in mind when he endorsed the ticket of Biden/Harris.  Johnson has publicly said that Biden and Harris are his choice for president and vice president.  This is the first time that he has made a political endorsement.  Some have said that the Rock would one day run for office and could be elected president.  Here is the video of the exchange between Johnson, Biden, and Harris.

It seems that Johnson is following in the footsteps of athletes in the NBA and the NFL.  Years ago, Michael Jordan smartly refused to get involved in politics by saying, "Republicans buy sneakers too!"

Those days appear to be over as every athlete and entertainer get involved in leftist politics.  The problem for the former failed Canadian Football Player is that the president is very popular with people who go to his movies and buy his products.  We've seen ratings for all sports leagues fall due to the political activism of their athletes.

Americans want to be entertained by going to games and seeing movies.  It's their escape from the world of politics and the challenges of world events.  Does anyone readily admit they're happy to see their favorite teams making political statements before kickoff?

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