In March, the United States realized that the coronavirus was a threat to national security.  The administration led by President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed.  Critics panned the efforts claiming that vaccines take years to develop,  Once developed, it would take years to effectively distribute to the nation.  The president was criticized for his optimism and belief that a Covid vaccine would be implemented by the government.  It now appears that there will be two vaccines available to America and the world starting in about two weeks.  Let's take a look at the published reports on all three of them.  We'll start with Moderena.  Science Magazine reports the results are ' absolutely remarkable.'  According to the article, no one got severe Covid-19 who participated in their study.  Moderna has applied for the emergency use authorization distribution from the government.

The second possible vaccine that is seeking emergency federal approval is Pfizer.  The company applied for approval on November 20th, reports CNBC.  The company has partnered with United Airlines to fly the vaccine worldwide once approved.

If approved who will be the first to get the vaccine?  CNN reports that the CDC will make the call on who takes that shot first:  If the FDA grants the vaccine emergency use authorization -- and it's expected that it will -- within a day or two, an advisory committee to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will make a recommendation about who should get the shots first. That group will likely include health care workers and nursing home residents.

Idaho Governor Brad Little told KIDO Talk Radio last week that he expects healthcare workers and at risk Idahoans to begin vaccination by December 15th.


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