Southwest Airlines has a slogan called 'wanna getaway?'  Some local states and cities are looking to pay you to getaway.  Specifically these areas want you to move to their cities and states and they're willing to pay you big money to move there.  For years, the state of Alaska has paid Alaskans to live up North.  The revenue comes from the money generated by the oil revenues and called the Alaska Permanent Fund.  Alaskans get paid $1,600 per year. The move to remote work has fostered a movement where cities and states will pay you to live there, reports CNBC.  

Several cities have begun programs to pay you to live there.  Chump change?  How about $10,000 to live in Arkansas, Vermont, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Minnesota, and Iowa.  Not all of these states offer you 10 grand to live there, however let's breakdown a few of the incentives.

Tulsa, Oklahoma really wants you to live in the Sooner State.  They will pay you the 10 grand to live there, but you must work remotely.  Other requirements state that you have to be over 18 and move to there within six months.

Looking for a home on the East Coast?  Baltimore, Maryland will pay you a $5,000 grant towards a purchase of a home in Baltimore.  However, there is a catch.  You can't take out a loan that exceeds 517,000 in value.

Hamilton, Ohio will help you pay down your student loan debt.  If you're a recent college graduate then perhaps the Talent Attraction Scholarship may be for you.  Recipients will receive $300 a month towards an eventual payout of $10,000.

How about the Gem State?  We currently haven't found any local town, city, or county in Idaho that is offering a cash incentive to move there.

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