Kevin Miller begins the program by previewing the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasie Ford and Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  A record number of people call in to give their opinion on what they believe the hearing will entail.  Today's guests ; 6:35am – Fox News Radio’s Rachel Sutherland reports live from Washington D.C., ahead of today’s Senate hearing on Judge Kavanaugh ; 7 a.m. – Economist and Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Steven Moore discusses Kavanaugh, the Trump economy and more.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Moore discuss what it was like to work with President Trump on the economy that is now skyrocketing. 8 a.m. – David Bozell of For America joins Kevin to discuss current political events.  Mr. Bozell reveals why he thinks the US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired based on published reports.  Kevin Miller goes live to Washington as Dr. Ford begins her testimony.  He takes calls from listeners when the committee takes a break from testimony.

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