Today's guests:  6 a.m. - Author of "The Bully of Asia", Steven Mosher has the latest on U.S. - China relations.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest attempts to undermine President Trump by the media.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to Nancy Pelosi saying the Democrats will return to power in the US House of Representatives after the midterm elections. ; 6:35am - Fox News Radio's Simon Owen live from London says there's new information about the Khashoggi murder.  Kevin Miller reports on both sides of Proposition One and Proposition Two on the ballot next week.  He plays a clip of CNN Commentator Van Jones saying 'Cowboys and Indians' ; 8 a.m. - Author and political expert Dr. Gerard Lameiro  with a forecast of next Tuesday's election results ; 8:35am - Fox News' Jared Halpern reports live from Capitol Hill.  Kevin Miller takes calls from folks concerning their view on Props One and Two. He reviews the new Paulette Jordan television ad.

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