Last year at this time, the state of Idaho was in shutdown mode. We all learned what 'working from home' really meant. Roads were like ghost towns. The usual suspected culprits of traffic congestion disappeared while very few people drove to and from work. I can remember my significant recreational activity was walking through the Albertsons on Broadway.

We are closer and closer to getting back to the pre-covid levels of activity in the Treasure Valley. Have you notice that our traffic is also getting back to normal levels. Add thousands of new people are moving into Idaho, and our traffic problems are back and bigger than ever. I've jokingly advocated building a wall to stop folks from moving to the Gem State. I've asked for a moratorium on development, and we continue to build neighborhoods without roads to service them.

Governor Little is hitting the road literally to address the transportation problem.  He's traveling to all parts of the state to speak to local officials.  The governor issued the following written statement on his travels:

“Before and during the pandemic, Idaho is the fastest growing state in the nation. Idaho simply will not keep up with that growth if we, as elected leaders, do not invest strategically and sustainably in our roads,” Governor Little said. “We have an obligation as elected leaders to confront the growing list of unfunded transportation projects across Idaho with a sustainable funding plan moving forward. We must take steps now to preserve your precious time and make our transportation system safer. I am actively working with my legislative partners on a plan right now.”

Do we really need a gubernatorial road trip to solve Idaho's transportation problems?  Of course not, what we really need is a smart growth strategy, which is easier said than done.

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