Today's guests: 6 a.m. – Economics expert Michael Busler, PhD answers the question, “who’s economy is this – Obama’s or Trump’s?”. Kevin Miller and Dr. Busler go over the recent economic growth that has taken place since President Trump took office.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest involving Boise State and their possible use of eminent domain to build their proposed new baseball stadium.  Kevin Miller takes calls from several listeners who do not want the university to build the stadium; 6:35am – Fox News Radio’s Tonya J Powers reviews MTV’s VMA’s ; 7 a.m. – Jeff Ferry of the Coaltion for a Prosperous America says tariff job gains exceed losses 20-to-1 ; 8 a.m. – Michael Daugherty of the National Cyber Security Society says Twitter has admitted they favor the Left ; 8:35am – Fox News’ Jared Halpern reports live from Capitol Hill.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who comment on the 'blue wave.'

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