Kevin is joined in studio by guest host, Victor Miller.  Kevin Miller details the latest giveaway by Democratic Presidential Candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  Sanders touts his latest freebie Got past due medical bills? Bernie Sanders says vote for him and they're as good as gone! The Vermont Independent US Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful has been touting his "Medicare for All" idea that would allow patients access to doctors for 'free,' after raising taxes. Now, he also says he would forgive outstanding medical bills, estimated at $81 billion nationally. In an interview with on CNN's State of the Union Sanders said, "500,000 people go bankrupt every year because they cannot pay their outrageous medical bills." Do you vote based on who offers you the best free stuff? Have Democrats become a carnival midway - offering colorful prizes - while hiding how much it's really going to cost you to 'win?' Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to the latest from Bernie.  Other guests today: 7:20 a.m. - Jodi Buckner, the wife of baseball great - the late Bill Buckner ; 7:40 a.m. - U.S. Congressman from Idaho's 1st District Russ Fulcher ; 8 a.m. - Former Idaho congressman and current Idaho Republican Party chair, Raul Labrador joins Kevin and Victor in studio. Kevin Miller and Raul Labrador discuss the future of conservative politics in America.  Kevin Miller reminds the folks about the free KIDO Talk Radio App and takes phone calls from listeners.

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