We begin day three of our Unity Walk across the Treasure Valley.  Today we'll be starting on the corner of Fairview and Cloverdale in Boise.  We'll walk down heading West towards Nampa taking Fairview to Black Cat to Franklin to Garrity.If you'd like share your thoughts on how we can continue to bring our community together.  As other outlets continue to focus on the negative from their perches, we're taking it to the streets to hear from you.  We'll share your thoughts Friday Morning on the Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio.

Walky, Walky 2
Jacalyn Hill / KIDO Talk Radio

If you're too busy to walk and talk, give me honk if you happen to see me in my blue berry clad outfit.  Let's not be overwhelmed by the negative stories that the media is broadcasting across the country.  Our area my not be perfect, but now is the opportunity to be an example of unity for ourselves, our families, and our country.


God Bless!  See you on the road!

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