You know the old saying, 'it's not us; it's them.' I'm beginning to think that it may be the reverse. 'It's not them; it's us.' I can't believe that I'm starting to think of myself as an obsolete dinosaur when it comes to marriage. The state of Utah has made it official. Polygamy is not a crime now in the beehive state. For eighty-five years, Utah viewed multiple marriages as a felony. It is now a misdemeanor thanks to the brilliant work of the moral relativist in the Utah Legislature. Let's not forget their moral champion governor who signed the bill. The new penalty is similar to that of a traffic ticket that reports the New York Post.

It all seems so odd. This is especially so in Utah, where bigamy and polygamy were outlawed so the state could join the union back in the 1890s. They've also had several cases of men prosecuted for marrying multiple and sometimes underage wives.

Polygamy promoters say it will empower young women to report abuse. I suppose it sends a wrong message that folks in the West know better than to allow this to happen.

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