Despite a movement to limit one's ability to purchase handguns, rifles and other firearms, the Wal Mart Corporation will continue to sell firearms at all of their locations throughout the country. Although the pressure from anti-gun groups has been echoed by the media and other special interest groups, following the weekend's mass shooting in El Paso, Walmart officials say they have no plans to stop selling firearms and ammo.

Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove says the company recently raised the age to buy guns from 18 to 21 and it maintains a strict background check policy for purchasers. "Our focus has always been on being a responsible seller of firearms," Hargrove says. "We go beyond federal law requiring all customers to pass a background check before purchasing any firearm." Instead of worrying about policy, Hargrove says, the company is "focused on supporting our associates, customers and the entire El Paso community" in the wake of the tragedy, which left 22 people dead.

President Donald Trump is visiting Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas to help those two areas recover from the shootings.  Last year, Dick's Sporting Goods removed firearms from their list of items for sale.   Do believe that firearms should be banned from retail locations?  If you were the CEO of Walmart, what would you do? Why does the U.S. have so many more mass shootings than other countries do?


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