So much for the idea that comfort food is good for you.  A new study that is trending world-wild says that cookies are more addictive than cocaine.  No, this is not a joke. In a study that casts the Cookie Monster's behavior in a whole new light, scientists have determined cookies are every bit as addictive as cocaine. Research conducted by the University of Bordeaux has revealed cookie ingredients trigger a response in the brain that's nearly identical to the response caused by coke.

Fox Business quotes the study reporting,  A regular chocolate chip cookie, with 2.5 grams of sugar, , “induces some of the same responses as cocaine.” Factor that in with the presence of  chocolate, which “contains small amounts of a compound that trigger the same part of your brain as the addictive ingredient marijuana” and it makes for quite the heady blend.

While one might think the main ingredient behind such a reaction is sugar, it's actually the opposite; according to the results of the study, salt activates the brain's reward centers, enhancing cookies' addictive qualities. "Overall, this research has revealed that sugar and sweet reward can not only substitute to addictive drugs, like cocaine, but can even be more rewarding and attractive," the study reads.

Fox Business and industry insiders expect the cookie industry to expand to 38 billion dollars in sales globally by 2022.

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