The following is not a work of fiction or an episode of the FX series Fargo. However, they would almost be more believable if they were works of fiction. We are living in exciting times. The government, the media, and just about every American who has a pulse is trying to figure out exactly what caused the US Capitol Building invasion?

Congress Holds Joint Session To Ratify 2020 Presidential Election
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The Washington Post has the answer to who caused the damage. The President? The Capitol Police? The media? No, it was the state of Idaho. Specifically, the protests that happened in Idaho last Spring apparently gave the protesters the idea to storm the capitol. Here's the exact quote from the Washington Post:

"Whitmer said the armed protest in Lansing in the Spring — which mirrored actions in Idaho, Oregon, and other states — should have offered ample warning that the pro-Trump gathering began on the Capitol lawn could spiral out of control."

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Did I miss something? Did we have a massive Trump rally, protest, walk, run, etc., that got out-of-control? At the statehouse? Let's see; there was Amon Bundy who refused to leave a seat, so he was arrested while sitting in a chair? A few folks who refused to leave a 'press table' that was charged? Do these actions qualify as being out-of-control activities in the Gem State?

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I can't speak to what happened in Oregon. Throughout the Spring and Summer, thousands of Idahoans gathered peacefully either on the streets or driving their cars through downtown Boise. I don't believe there were any arrests?

The Washington Post has the responsibility to report the truth. I'd ask them to either specifically write on their Idaho reference or print a retraction.  The Gem State deserves the truth!

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