Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin joined us today reacting to the governor's declaration of moving the state to the second phase of reopening.  The lieutenant governor shared her thoughts on how the state of Idaho should be responding to the Covid-19 crisis.  "You can't order people to stay home and shutdown  businesses without creating a lot of angst within the society and community," she said.  "It should come as no surprise when that action is taken there are literally thousands, and thousands of people, who are laid off."

The small business owner shared a heartbreaking story of a young single mother of five who hasn't been able to work because she's a hairstylist.  The lieutenant governor did speak about everyone moving forward in getting the state back to work.  She expanded on her thoughts she shared on a recent statewide editorial on the media's behavior.  She said that the media has to earn the trust of the people.  You can hear the entire interview here.



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