Sometimes the world can seem overly negative.  Each day folks across the Treasure Valley go to their jobs making a difference in the lives of so many people.  We'd like to honor them with a free lunch.  Here's how it works.Each week Kevin Miller will pick a deserving 'hometown hero' who brings value to those around them.  Who is a hometown hero?  A hometown hero could be someone who works extra hours so that others can go home on time.  Perhaps a volunteer at work, church, or an after school program?

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

Kevin Miller will contact the winner and coordinate a free lunch courtesy of our friends at the Treasure Valley Papa John's.  Pick a hero and your pizza to enjoy a hearty thank you on a Friday afternoon.  There's no cost or obligation, it's just a way for you, Papa John's and Kevin Miller to say thanks!

Kevin Miller/KIDO Talk Radio

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