Today's guests review President Trump’s State of the Union Address from their own unique perspectives: 6 a.m. – Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center.  Kevin Miller begins to recap last night's State of the Union watch party at Dave & Buster's in Boise.  Kevin Miller takes calls from folks who watched the speech last night and who attended the KIDO Talk Radio event.  Kevin Miller reports that the Idaho Supreme Court has struck down a challenge to a lawsuit challenging the expansion of Medicaid in the state.  Kevin Miller continues to ask the audience how the state of Idaho can be 60 million dollars short of balancing the Gem State's budget.  He continues to ask why the repeal of the state's repressive grocery tax has not happened.  6:35am – Idaho 1st Dist. Rep. Russ Fulcher tells Kevin Miller what it was like to attend his first State of the Union.  He reveals that he started one of the several USA, USA, chants that resembled a sporting event rather than a political speech.   ; 7 a.m. – U.S. Senator from Idaho Mike Crapo.  Senator Crapo gives his take on the State of the Union.  The senator and Kevin Miller go in depth concerning the senator being on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They discuss the two new Conservative justices on the United States Supreme Court. ; 8 a.m. – Cassie Smedile from the Republican National Committee : 8:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio’s Jon Decker.

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