Kevin gets YOUR opinion on Idaho Primary election results.  Today's guests:  7 a.m. - Sen Mike Crapo with an update from Washington DC.  Kevin Miller and the senator review the latest on North Korea and the Russian investigation.  Senator Crapo urges Republican Voters to come together after the long campaign.  He shares with Kevin Miller what it's like to run for office.; 8 a.m. - Michael Daugherty of the National Cyber Defense Society comments on the news that the FBI may have had a plant inside the Trump campaign.  The entire show was dedicated to hearing what Treasure Valley listeners had to see about who won and who lost in yesterday's primary.  Kevin Miller reminded KIDO Talk Radio listeners to join him and the state Republican Party this Thursday morning at Terry's Cafe in Meridian.   All candidates, volunteers, and voters are invited to unite before the general election in November.  Kevin Miller will then join the state party for the traditional unity rally at the capitol building.

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