Today's guests: 6 a.m. – Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center  Kevin Miller reports on the east Idaho teacher who is being charged with animal cruelty.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners wanting the teacher to go to jail;   Kevin Miller takes calls on the president's trip to meet with the NATO Allies.  6:35 a.m. – Fox News Radio’s Rachel Sutherland reports President Trump has pardoned two Oregon cattle ranchers;  Kevin Miller solicits reaction from listeners who are upset that the federal government for imprisoning the Hammonds.  7:38 a.m. – Fox News Radio’s Jeff Monosso says some lucky Californians will get $500 a month to pay their mortgages ; 8 a.m. – Kayleigh McEnany of the Republican National Committee lauds President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee ; 8:35 a.m. – Fox News Radio’s Simon Owen live from London with the latest on the NATO summit.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners expressing their views on the latest viral video from the Norfolk Police Department.

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