Kevin Miller devotes his entire show to Robert Mueller's testimony before two House Committees.  Today's guests: 6 a.m. - Author Kasey Pipes talks about his new book, "After the Fall: The Remarkable Comeback of Richard Nixon".  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners giving their opinion on Mueller's testimony.  He switches gears to another topic.  Do people in Idaho care about the environment?  What about the rain forest?  The Amazon?    He shares the alarming fact that fresh data is now showing that deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon may be closer to a tipping point beyond which it cannot recover. Figures show that the world’s biggest rain forest is losing the battle at a rate of more than three football fields a minute in large part to illegal land invasion, logging, and burning. Clearance so far in July has hit a little over 519 square miles, a third higher than the previous monthly record under the current monitoring system by the Deter B satellite system.  Kevin Miller asks the KIDO Talk Radio crew the following questions.  In what ways could the rest of the world step in to slow or stop this from getting any worse?  How might this new data complicate ratification of Brazil’s trade deal with the European Union?  Kevin Miller hears and listens to listeners responding to his questions.  He reminds folks that Girls with Guns 2019 has begun.
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