Kevin Miller begins today by reporting on the number of former and current world leaders who will be attending the funeral today of former President George Herbert Walker Bush at the National Cathedral.  This leads to a debate on the president's legacy as several people call in to voice their thoughts on how they'll remember President Bush.  Vallivue High School hosts Kevin Miller for today's broadcast, as "Promote Our Schools - Secure Our Future" continues for the Fall season.  Interviews with staff and students.  Other guests today:  6:10am - Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland reports live from the Bush funeral ; 8:15am - Phil Hardy of Strategies360 also from the Bush funeral.  Kevin Miller shares the story about Oregon trying to become the first state to legalize "magic mushrooms."  Kevin Miller takes calls on that issue as well as reporting the latest on the national dog food recall.  Kevin Miller interviews Phil Hardy, Strategies 360, regarding his visit to the capitol rotunda to view the presidents body lying in state.

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