Two weeks ago, the world was at peace. Commodities that were in demand were the usual suspects; gold, silver, gas, etc. Today toilet paper and hand sanitizer are valued more than the gold bullions we see on television. I admit I was a nonbeliever in the toilet paper rush. It took this writer several trips to local grocery stores to become a believer. The fear over the Coronavirus has impacted our behavior.We're better than this, and seeing is believing.
Thursday night, I'm at a Fred Meyer looking for some P3s for Mrs. Miller. To the shock of no one reading this article, the place was packed with out-of-control shoppers overfilling their carts with food and every item known to man.

Kevin Miller/KIDO Talk Radio

I witnessed one man ready to knock another man out because he wanted to cut him in the self check-out line. Does Fred Meyer have bouncers? We're going to grocery stores, not night clubs. Social media is full of stories of people punching each other out over toilet paper. One caller described having a person pull a knife on him last night over a bag of peas. He responded by pulling out his gun, and the pea bandit withdrew.
We live in Idaho, not a third world country. We should follow the statements of all our elected officials at the local, state, and national levels. We're better than this; it's about time we showed it.

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio