Governor Brad Little has always stated that the availability of Idaho Hospitals to handle Covid Patients would be an indicator on whether or not further restrictions are warranted.  Recently, the governor moved the state to a modified version of stage 2 as a result of more hospitalizations.  Currently, local hospitals are doing their best to maintain care for Covid and Non-Covid patients.  That could change if Covid cases continue to rise.  Neighboring Mountain West States are having more challenges.  The governor of Wyoming recently declared their hospitals are overwhelmed reports the Casper Star Tribune.

He added: “When you see Utah close its hospital, that’s a problem for Wyoming,” he said. “When you see Eastern Idaho Regional Medical close their hospital, that’s a problem. When you see Billings’ clinic close their hospital, that’s a problem. When South Dakota has to send their patients to Wyoming because they’re too full, that’s a problem, and when we have capacity issues down in Colorado that’s a problem.”

Governor Little has told KIDO Talk Radio that he is concerned that our neighboring Western States will not be able to help Idahoans due to their own limited resources.  He has had conversations with the governors of the neighboring states of Washington, Oregon, and Utah.

He told us today that our situation could improve once we get to warmer weather and more folks get the vaccine.  Governor Little says that Idahoans could be getting their first shots as early as December 20th.


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