Last year, Conservative Idaho Legislators did what seemed impossible.  They passed a repeal of the state's grocery tax.  Sadly, Governor Otter chose to veto the measure after the legislature had adjured for the year.    Recently House Republicans have introduced a measure that would be one of the largest tax cut in state history, says the Idaho Statesman. Proponents say this bill will cut taxes for everyone.  This reminds me of a tax cut measure that was proposed last year.  Those folks claimed that Idaho's Business and upper tax brackets needed a break.

Thankfully some smart folks in the Idaho Senate turned it into the repeal of the grocery tax.  I don't know why our elected officials didn't introduce the repeal of the bill as the first bill of this session.

I'm sure we'll get the usual political double speak that we hear from our elected officials.  Since it's an election year, why not give every Idahoan a real tax break that they can see immediately?  I'm surprised Governor Otter hasn't recommended it, since he's advocated for increased spending this year.

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