As the state capital of Idaho, Boise is a lively city that's full of growth. Some may argue it's "too much" growth but there are obvious reasons why people want to live here. created a formula that considered all 50 state capitals in the U.S. to determine which ones are the best to call home. Boise came in tied for 5th!

If you consider the history of how and when Boise was founded, it's a no-brainer why Boise became the state capital of Idaho in 1864. Although it wasn't the first choice for a capital - Lewiston actually was. Boise is conveniently positioned at the crossroads of the Oregon Trail and routes to the Boise Basin and Owyhee mines.

Today, Boise offers something for everyone who lives here. Locals can get a taste of both the city life and the great outdoors. We aren't nicknamed The City of Trees for nothing! Not many other cities have the luxury of a 25-mile trail that follows the river down the middle of the city. Options to fish, paddleboard, hike, and bike, and even ski and snowboard during the winter months prove that you'll never be bored living in Boise. says Boise is " a city with a small-town feel that's not lacking in any big city amenities," which is 100% true. You really have everything you need to enjoy city life in Boise - except maybe a professional sports team but I have faith we'll get there one day! There are museums, theatres, and energetic local bars filled with the best people and the best beer.

While prices of rent are quickly rising, Boise still remains on the lesser side of the cost of living. Renting a one-bedroom apartment downtown averages out to about $1,340 per month. The career opportunities are almost endless too not to mention how local business tends to thrive here. Jobs in technology, manufacturing, food production, energy, and outdoor recreation, give the city a business score of 9, a second-place rank on

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