Recently the national media has been focusing their attention on a move by Oregonians to secede from their state and create a bigger Idaho.  Governor Little got some national air time on Fox and Friends this week commenting on the story.  It's a great story and I'm sorry that the folks in Oregon aren't happy, however creating a new state just won't happen.

The United States has been united now for years.  The founders designed our union that it would be impossible for the states to leave.  The Washington Times recently reported that it's just not a Northwestern problem.  Folks in states such as California, New York, Illinois have had it.

If you recall we had one instance of session called the Civil War and we see how that ended.  Residents of the states listed above should work within their state governments to make a change instead of trying to 'blow up' their current home.

Currently there are several activists working to get the idea of 'Greater Idaho' on the ballot.  If they're successful, it's the beginning of a very long process.  Both state legislature and the US Congress would have to approve the move says the Oregonian.

I can't see the state of Oregon's elected officials allowing that to happen.  It's a tremendous compliment to the Gem State that an entire section would like to become part of Idaho.  I'd recommend the Oregonians work on fixing their liberal government and leave Idaho to deal with our own liberal challenges.

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