Congress continues to debate whether or not to send another stimulus to the American public.  Some American's are desperate for a shot of economic relief due to being let go because of the COVID-19 crisis.  Have you ever wondered what is the cost of another stimulus?  Regardless of the political party in power, our government has been deficit spending for years.  The CARES Act cost the country 2 trillion dollars.  An additional stimulus would add another trillion dollars to the debt, says MIC.

The COVID crisis and loss of tax revenues has blown up our deficit to record heights, reports ABC News.  The  Department of Treasury  reported the deficit reached $864 billion last month, beating the previous record of $738 billion, set in April. Treasury officials say in addition to the government's stimulus payments and loans to keep businesses afloat, widespread unemployment has caused tax revenues to drop significantly.

The $864 billion June figure tops the total U.S. deficit for most full years, including 2018, according to the Treasury Department.  Is trying to keep the country from going broke going to make the country go broke? Will a coronavirus vaccine fix all of this?

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