Congressman Russ Fulcher must be doing something right. National publications have reported that our congressman is under investigation. The congressman is accused of 'pushing' a police officer while going through the newly installed metal detectors.

As of this article's writing, there has been no confirmation from the police that Congressman Fulcher is under investigation. That didn't stop the entire Idaho Press Corp from reporting this story based on one tweet?


Since when did Twitter become the sole source of credibility in a news story? Especially a story involving a Congressman who has an excellent reputation in the Gem State. I have known Congressman Fulcher for years, and I've always been impressed by his patience, empathy, and concern for his fellow Idahoans.


Congressman Fulcher's office released the following statement:

  "We are not aware of investigation or interest other than a social media tweet.  Should there be further inquires, we look forward to formally setting the record straight on these fabricated media accusations.  However, please keep in mind in this majority driven hostile political environment, neither truth nor fairness is the objective."

The statement reflects the sad commentary of the liberal driven Democratic double standard.  As we noted above, there has been no confirmation of any investigation.   The media would garner more credibility if they did confirm a story instead of echoing a tweet.  Congressman Fulcher, like all of us, deserves the benefit of the doubt.

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