To the surprise of no one, Central District Health has issued a mandatory order that face masks. Cheered on by the media, the vote was 5-1.

Before you question the district's authority to mandate what you do, here are the details on their power, Idaho Code § 56-1003(7), IDAPA, and .09, Idaho Code § 39-415, and Idaho Code § 67-5247 authorize Central District Health to issue such an order: An immediate danger to the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of the Central District Health, and of the State of Idaho, requires the imposition of this emergency quarantine and restriction Order.

That's from the Ada County web site. Hospital leaders have recently lobbied the state to mandate mask-wearing statewide. The media continues to express itself privately on Twitter, advocating mask-wearing. Although may Idahoans are angry at the mandate, so far, no one has taken the state to court to question Central's authority. Without any challenge, look for a state comprehensive mandatory push soon. If Ada County continues to lead the state in coronavirus cases, look for a move back to stage 2.  

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