If you were driving in front of the Ada County Courthouse on Saturday afternoon, you probably saw a group of protesters demonstrating. The demonstration was the second one reports, the Idaho Statesman. The first one was at the home of Magistrate Judge David Manweiler.

The demonstrations at public officials' homes have been the topic of the recent legislative session. A bill that would've banned such demonstrations was voted down recently by the Idaho House. Boise Police arrived at the judge's house, forming a perimeter. They estimated that they were 50 people, according to a Boise Police Department Press Release.
The only incident involved a motor home that was parked illegally. The driver of a motor home, who was taking part in the demonstration, was parked illegally and was warned by officers before officers were forced to issue parking citations. The driver was also informed that the vehicle would be towed if they continued to park illegally and block access to emergency vehicles. The driver then moved the RV to a legal parking spot.

Lee Joe Lay of the People's Rights Group, the event organizer, told us this morning, "we are all going to have to use the first amendment to redress the issues that we have with our government." He continued, "what we've got going on is that everyone is disenfranchised; giving how we are giving the disregard for the constitution, elections arent' going to matter. It's about gathering your friends together to stop the government from taking your rights."

We did ask him what protesting at someone's home on a Saturday accomplishes? He responded, 'the woke left has rebuilt the education system; it will take us forty years to rebuild."  You can hear the entire interview with Lee Joe during our 9am hour of the show in our podcast section.

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