Health Freedom rally Tuesday morning at the state capitol.  It's not your ordinary rally, this rally urge the legislators to being a special session to address Governor Little's response to the coronavirus.The group says in a press release that the governor has illegally seized power by instituting his orders without the approval of the legislative branch of government.  Legislators have told KIDO that they sought a legal opinion on whether they had the power to reconvene without the governor's call to bring them back.

The legislative leadership's attorney told them that they could not bring themselves back to session.  Most legislators have told us that they will seek to amend the laws to avoid this situation in the future.

Health Freedom Idaho shared their issues with Governor Little in a recent press release:

  • The legislature will convene to fulfill its constitutional obligations regarding Idaho code and allocating funds.
  • The legislature has the duty to ensure the continuity of state and local government pursuant to Article 3 Section 27 of the Idaho Constitution.
  • The people demand the Legislature terminate the state of emergency pursuant to Idaho Code 46-1008.
  • The people demand the Legislature reinstate all suspended sections of Idaho Code and IDAPA administrative rules.
  • The people demand the Legislature return all amended sections of Idaho Code to their pre-emergency declaration verbiage.

We'll hear from the folks from Health Freedom Idaho Tuesday morning at 707am.

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