Last week our area felt the impact of a historic 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake that originated in just miles from Yellowstone National Park. Does this recent activity mean a possible eruption of the Super Volcano?  The Super Volcano is located over Yellowstone and is so big it's in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana according to Newsweek. The article reports that the quake was the eighth largest in the state's history.

Want details of how massive the Super Volcano is and what damage it could cause?  The last time there was an eruption was over 640,000 years ago and over 240,000 cubic miles of rocky debris flew threw the air.

Most experts believe that the earthquake will not lead to an eruption.  The United States Geological Survey explained their view to the Christian Post.

"The location and focal mechanism solution of this earthquake are consistent with right-lateral faulting in association with faults of the Lewis and Clark line, a prominent zone of strike-slip, dip slip and oblique slip faulting trending east-southeast from northern Idaho to east of Helena, Montana, southeast of this earthquake," the USGS stated.

The Christian Post continues, 'the odds of a volcanic eruption could be 1 in 730,000. But if an eruption happens, it will not cause a cataclysmic explosion since it may only result to a possible lava flow.'

Perhaps hasp the best approach is to be prepared in case the power goes out.  Whether it's caused by a eruption or an earthquake.



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