It's the flu season!  Well, that's not breaking news.  We are told via every means of dissemination that the responsible thing we must do is get the flu shot.  Despite the annual outreach, many Americans decline to get vaccinated from the annual flu.  I believe some health providers will give you a flu shot for free.    So, what happens when the eventual Covid vaccine is developed?  Governor Little joked receantly on KIDO Talk Radio that he would be one of the first to take the vaccine.  Currently, we personally know of three people locally in Idaho that are undertaking the trials.   In other words, they're the ones that the CDC and drug companies are testing the safety and effectiveness of a Covid Vaccine.

Many believe that a vaccine is years away, however that may not be the case.  Remember President Trump has said that a vaccine will happen soon.  Wishful thinking?  Not according to published reports.

The developer of a coronavirus vaccine is promising delivery by the first of the year. Officials with AstraZeneca say the vaccine is currently in “late-stage trials” in the U.S. and U.K, reports CBS News.  That’s the final phase before the drug is submitted for government approval, according to company CEO Pascal Soriot. "We will be ready to supply hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine around the world starting January," Soriot said Thursday. How long do you think it will take for the vaccine to be available to U.S. residents? Do you plan on getting vaccinate

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