It's not every day that the Governor of the reddest of the red states gets called a dictator by a national publication. Daniel Horowitz unleashes his uncensored thoughts on Idaho Governor Brad Little and the Idaho Republican Party in his latest article from Blaze Media.

Mr. Horowitz holds nothing back when he describes the recent veto by the Governor over SB 1136. He writes, 'who needs Gavin Newsome when you have Brad Little?' The Governor's defenders will state that one has to look at the record over the pandemic year to see how good a job he's done guiding the state while other states cracked.   

The Idaho Republican Party is criticized for not electing truly Conservatives to public office. However, we've covered the 'Civil War' within the Idaho Republican Party for years. It's not a question of Conservatives not running; it's that they're usually outspent significantly by incumbents or better financed opponents.  

Mr. Horowitz lists several bills that he believes will not get a fair or any hearing in the Idaho Senate. We've heard the same reports from several legislators over the years that bills will not be heard by committee chairman.  The legislature continues to debate reforms in how to tax property and groceries in Idaho.  The property tax and grocery tax have been the top two issues that Idahoans have told their elected leaders they want reformed in this session.

This week will be a massive week for the balance of powers within the Idaho Political System. Will the senate once again fail to override the Governor's veto? Stay tuned true believers, and keep it on KIDO Talk Radio for the latest commentary and news. 

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