With less than two weeks before the deadline imposed by Saint Luke's, Primary Health, and Saint Alphonsus goes into effect, the Boise Group Take a Stand Now (TASN) sent a cease-and-desist letter to the CEOs of those healthcare providers.

The challenge for the group of healthcare workers and contractors is the nation is appearing to move towards mandatory vaccinations. The United States Supreme Court recently refused to hear the case involving a group of Indiana University Students suing the university for the right not to take the vaccination.  

TASN has indicated to us in the past that they were looking at the possibility of seeking legal action against the providers. The three providers represent some of the largest employers in the state. Last week, we reported here that the group had met with two influential Senate leaders. Only Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has continually called on House Speaker Scott Bedke to call the House back into session to address this issue. Without intervention from state government officials or the business community, TASN has only one action left: going to court. They shared that view in a release to this publication today.


Nampa Workers Protest Photos

Nampa Hospital Workers Protest the Vax Mandate

"Our members have given us clear direction and generous support to begin the legal actions necessary to stop the hospital systems and Primary Health from forcing employees and contractors to either take the vaccine or get fired. The cease-and-desist letter lays out the rationale and spells out the next legal steps that will be taken if the mandates continue," said Victoria Stump, spokesperson for TASN.  


According to the letter TASN "is serious regarding its intent to seek declaratory relief, injunctive relief, and monetary damages if forced to pursue such remedies."


Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise

The letter goes on to outline several legal reasons these corporate medical groups cannot legally mandate an emergency vaccine, labeled product, and "explicitly recognizes that persons presented with the 'unapproved product' should be given the option to accept or refuse administration of the product".


Nampa Patriots Continue to Protest the Vax Mandate

Nurses and healthcare workers as the public to help them stop the vax mandate from local hospitals.

"We will not back down. TASN will represent those that are being oppressed by these corporate entities," Stump added.


Idaho elected leadership that also received the letter included Governor Brad Little, Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, House Speaker Scott Bedke, and Senate Majority Leader Kelly Anthon.

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