DATELINE TERRACE DRIVE IN CALDWELL, IDAHO.  Tuesday night was a return of a much beloved gathering of a group of friends.  Conservative Patriots watched President Donald Trump take on former Vice President Joe Biden.  The debate watch party was held at a drive in to make sure folks could be together, but also social distance.

Four years ago we all met at a variety of restaurants cheering the president on against Hillary Clinton.  The concern for the safety of our country has seen local folks form conservative groups like the MAGA Girls of Idaho and the Idaho Liberty Dogs.  We thank them and all the other groups who co-sponsored our debate watch party.  We hope to see all of you again on October 15th and October 22nd once again at the Terrace Drive In.

It's so important that we send a message that we are the mainstream.  I've heard from so many folks, even those in Idaho, that they're fearful of showing their support for President Trump.  Four years ago, our great contributor, Liberty Linda has her car vandalized because she had a Trump sticker on her vehicle.  She responded by placing a bigger bumper sticker on her car.

If we want to keep Idaho the way all of us have known to love it, we must protect it by become more active and voting.  It may sound cliche, but it's true.  We see the liberals working hard by raising money and working on growing their influence.  Remember how Orange County, California use to be like Idaho, the reddest of the red?  We have to fight to keep Idaho free.  A special thanks to Greg Ferrera at Real Estate Rescue Idaho, Summit Funding, and ProRelo for sponsoring our event.



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