Did you know that Idaho Cows produce more than 50 million pounds of manure per day? That's the statistics according to the Idaho Press via the Associated Press. What does cow manure have to do with the state legislature? A lot if you look at a recent bill signing from Governor Little.

Life is all about priorities. Some of our priorities are basics, like food, water, and shelter. Every legislative session, the Idaho Legislature gives us their preferences. Governor Little announces his wish list, usually containing additional funding for schools, roads, and throw-in; we need to reform property taxes in the Gem State, and that's the roadmap for our government in action.

So far, we have not seen anything approach the governor's desk for him to sign. The legislature has adjourned because of Covid outbreaks and vows to return. If our elected officials do not enact legislation to limit the governor's use of emergency powers during the next session, we should acknowledge that their branch is unnecessary.

Governor Little has signed to important bills, reports the Idaho Press. Cow manure has been a big problem in Idaho. The Gem State produces too much cow poop. Cow waste is a more significant, more critical issue than property tax relief, eliminating the grocery tax, and other issues mentioned above. The bills are SB 167 and HB 51. I really can't explain what they do or regulate.

My point in writing this piece is to highlight the real priorities of Idaho's state government. The report card on this session is that cows and their poop have more clout with the House, Senate, and Governor Little than you do.

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