In a move that many animal activists hope the Gem State would emulate, one branch of the federal government passed legislation protecting animals.  There have been several attempts in Idaho to strengthen animal cruelty laws in the last five to ten years.  Most have failed to make it out of committee, or get the full votes of both houses to get to the governor's desk for signing.  However, Congressional lawmakers have passed a bill that could save lives of our furry four legged family members.

Making Animal Cruelty a Federal Crime It was a big win this week for our four-legged furry friends as the House approved a measure that makes animal cruelty a federal crime. Lawmakers unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act on Tuesday, a bill that looks to strengthen a 2010 law that makes it illegal to create and distribute videos of animal abuse.

The new law would make it a crime for "any person to intentionally engage in acts that include burning, drowning, or suffocating." The Senate will now need to pass its own version of the bill, what changes do you expect them to make?  Currently there is no word how the bill would be received in the Senate or if President Trump would sign the bill if the Senate approves it.  What are your overall thoughts on this legislation?  What are its strengths?  Where is it lacking?


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