The headlines and images continue to dominate any device that we use to communicate, whether it's the costumed 'Mr. Horny' and his ensemble, or legitimate protestors, how safe is our state capitol building in Boise? Last year, a few protestors were shown the door when they would not leave the press desk.

Could we see a version of the chaos on Capitol Hill in Idaho? If you're new to the Gem State, our capitol has always been open and inviting to Idahoans. When the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance wanted to lobby legislators, hundreds showed up carrying their rifles and handguns. Their demonstration was peaceful, and I'm sure we were the most armed capital in the country, if not the world.

We have one state senator who hid in a closet while protesting the legislative body's refusal to 'add the words.' She had to call someone because no one noticed she was missing or in the closet.

We've had plenty of protests at our state capitol. Idaho is unique in how we debate issues. Idahoans have a tremendous amount of respect for law enforcement. The state is one of the few left where the Antifa and other groups have not gotten a foothold.

The legislative session will have plenty of divisive issues that will have the public coming in to let their voices be heard. However, Idahoans are polite and considerate. If only the rest of the country would follow the Gem State example of civility and class. We'd truly make America great again.


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