Several elected Conservative Idaho Lawmakers have publicly announced a Conservative Agenda for this legislative session.We'll share those with you in this upcoming article.  In other times, Conservative Legislators would hold town hall meetings around the Treasure Valley leading up to the session.  Those meetings haven't happened due to Covid concerns as far as I know.  The move by Conservatives reflect their frustrations with the governor's leadership during the pandemic.

Senator Christy Zito shared her thoughts on what's at stake during this session.  "What is, is a gathering point, what it does, it gives the people in this state,  the issues of what we're working on, she said.  The senator continued, "we all met and discussed the bills that were coming up and what will be expected. It will begin with legislation."

The senator told KIDO Talk Radio that Idahoans are still concerned about two polarizing issues that cross party lines.  "I've done two petitions on the property tax.  This year, second to ending the emergency order, I hear more about the grocery tax.  People  are concerned about that.  Property tax is second."

Let's take a look at the goals of the Idaho Conservatives:


The big three if you will of every Idahoan.  Repeal the state's grocery tax, reduce or eliminate the property tax, return 150 and more of tax relief money to the folks.  These proposals are very popular, but have gone nowhere in the past due to leadership putting them on hold or running out the legislative clock.


Again, big issues that have been blowing up the phones at KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller Show for years.  Here we go:  rescind governor's emergency declarations, restore spending authority to the legislature, prohibit quarantines of healthy individuals, protect 1st amendment rights during emergencies, limit emergency powers of governor and local governments during emergencies, require administrative rules approved by the house and senate, replace common core standards and SBAC testing, re-evaluate traditional schools and wasteful spending, civil asset forfeiture reform, accountability and responsibility in higher education, reduce school property tax burdens, k-12 money follows the student, reform ballot initiative process.

Wow, that's quite a lot on the agenda.  I'd guess getting all those measure approved would take years.  The big challenge is getting these items to a committee and then to the floor.


The last of the big three, let's get to them: ensure legislature has ability to call itself into session, business bill of rights, pro-life protections, facial recognition and ai technological restrictions, strengthen self defense and stand your ground laws, bio metric data privacy and disclosure, ensure vaccination freedom, voter registration and election integrity, restore accountability of state agencies.

We wish the Idaho Conservative luck.  Stay with KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller for updates on Idaho Legislative session.


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