It didn't take Governor Little long to rescind the Executive Order that the lieutenant governor signed while he was away in Texas at the border. This morning, the lieutenant governor told the audience on Newsmax that Idaho is in a constitutional crisis because a governor cannot rescind an order while being out of state.

Former Governor Butch Otter leaped out of the Medicare retirement commercials to email a denouncement of the lieutenant governor's leadership. Is this any way to run America's fastest-growing state? How did we get to the point where the Drudgereport features this story as the third most prominent article on its site?

It all began when the governor left town, and the lieutenant governor shared the story with us here.

It all began with a letter

Somehow the Associated Press learned of the lieutenant governor's request and ran with the story. The governor then took to Twitter along with Congressman Mike Simpson to criticize her actions. Lieutenant Governor McGeachin did poke the bear by 'fixing' Governor Little's prior executive order.

Was the executive order a stunt?

It depends on who you talk to on this one. We all know that Lieutenant Governor did the same thing essentially in May. She told us that there was no communication between her and the governor.  Shouldn't both sides tone it down if for nothing else to stop the media from bashing our state?

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