The Idaho House voted yesterday to ban Idaho cities from issuing mask mandates.

The Idaho Press reports the vote was carried the day with every Republican voting for the bill 47-22. If you're keeping score at home, not one Idaho Democratic voted for this piece of legislation. The bill will now move on to the Idaho Senate. There is no word at this time whether the Senate will take up the bill. Several activists have called into KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller Show this morning urging their fellow Idahoans to call their Senator to support this legislation.

Mask mandates are a controversial topic in the Gem State. A mask burning event in Boise garnered national attention and criticism from late-night liberal pundits. A statewide mask burning rally/protest was recently held to influence elected leaders to end such mandates. Idaho Governor Brad Little resisted the calls from the media and medical folks to issue a statewide mandate.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean reissued her mask mandate two weeks ago, reports KTVB. The article quotes the mayor saying that Boise area businesses like the mask mandate. Several Idahoans believe that it should be up to the individual to wear a mask. They've taken to talk radio telling folks that the mask mandates are the first move to eliminate Americans' liberties.

Sources tell KIDO Talk Radio that the leaders in both the House and Senate are looking towards the end of next week to wrap up this year's session. We are continuing to monitor the session daily to see whether property tax relief, elimination of the state's grocery tax, and the end of the governor's emergency powers will pass both Houses.

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