A group of concerned law enforcement officials have written a letter to Idaho Legislators urging them not to pass the Idaho Research and Development Act.  The letter did not stop the House from approving the bill by a 63-7 vote.

The Idaho Senate will now consider whether or not to join other neighboring states in legalizing hemp.  East Idaho News reports that Wyoming and Montana have legalized hemp.  The Federal Government legalized hemp with the passage of last year's Farm Bill.

The Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association which includes members of the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, the Idaho Sheriff's Association, and the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association, stated that HB122 has several flaws.  They say that their concerns have not been heard by state lawmakers.

"With many other states proceeding before us in this area, Idaho
has the great benefit of using what other states have learned and implemented to, craft an Idaho solution. Idaho's Prosecutors and law enforcement have come up with logical and effective ways to make sure that law enforcement can continue to do their jobs and enforce current controlled substances laws, while allowing Idaho's agricultural community to grow regulated hemp allowed under the
Federal Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. Unfortunately, our concerns and amendments have not been considered and HB 122 is not a product of inclusion.
Rather, HB 122 includes no protections for law enforcement and will effectively
legalize marijuana in this state."

The law enforcement officials write that they lack the 'field equipment' to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana.  They warn that without side boards  Canine officers will become invalid in protecting the public from illegal marijuana.

The Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association clarifies that they seek to work with legislators in drafting better legislation that will address the needs of Idaho Law Enforcement.

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