The last time we heard from our elected officials, they were on their way out of town as the Corona Crackdown began. Today, they're back once again, pledging to fight for you! Will they? Let's examine the significant issues or, as I like to call them, the usual suspects.

Before Covid, the issues we wanted to resolve were property tax relief and the elimination of the state's oppressive sales tax. Last year that didn't happen. I don't believe we'll get much movement on those issues during this year's session. Why? Covid has changed everything. Folks who are working are working from home. We are living in a world that lacks stability. I could see the governor quarterbacking a one-time tax relief proposal.


Could we see the elimination of the sales tax or at least a reduction? At one time, that issue was the biggest in the state; now, it's all about Covid. I believe we'll get the usual haggling over educational funding, transportation, and a yet to be named issues.

Kevin Miler / KIDO Talk Radio

So what will dominate this legislative session? It will be all about executive power. The legislature has been embarrassed by their lack of control when out of session. Lawmakers have been waiting for this day when they can legally assemble. Once the session starts, there will be many bills seeking to curb executive authority when the legislature is out of session. Look for the health districts' power to be vigorously discussed and suggested limitations applied to their jurisdiction.

However, any bills will require Governor Brad Little's signature. Will he sign a bill to limit his power? I don't see any executive that would willfully sign such legislation. We'll see if the legislature has the votes to override a gubernatorial veto. Without that, I don't see the bill being passed.


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