The Idaho Legislature kicked off its annual session with the Governor's State of the State speech.  The highlights from Governor Little's speech were unique for a Governor of the reddest of the red states.  Education funding, healthcare funding, prison reform and other issues that wouldn't top the charts at your favorite GOP meeting.

The reaction was predictable.  Republicans support the governor, while democrats expressed their disappointment.  Most Idahoans want an explanation about why the grocery tax was not repealed?  The governor made a reference early in his speech about 35 million dollars to the tax relief fund giving taxpayers some relief.

The political tsunami that everyone involved in the State government cannot avoid is out of control property taxes.  I've heard the speech a few times and did not hear a solid reference to how the Governor will direct the legislature to help Idahoans stay in their homes.  There is a consensus building across the state to pass a 'Prop 13' type referendum that will protect homeowners from losing their homes to the taxman.

Politicians will be keenly aware that this is an election year and usually that means they will actually listen to their voters.  The state of Idaho cannot continue its casino like growth without taking care of the very residents who are its backbone.


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